How to create jobs in a slow recovery: Monitor has answers…

This morning the US Labor Department announced only 96K jobs were added to the US economy in August.  The number will no doubt have an impact on the President’s re-election campaign.  But job growth is also becoming a real imperative for businesses themselves: a measure of shareholder and stakeholder value, not just an operational input. 

How can businesses grow jobs in such a slow recovery?  Monitor Group, a leader in economics and business consulting, has just issued a report: “Put us to work: responding to the new jobs creation imperative,” by Monitor partner Pedro Arboleda and UC Berkeley professor Steve Weber.  They demonstrate why job growth is essential for business’ success and include 7 guidelines for businesses in this economy rife with joblessness.

We’re proud to be working with Monitor to help spread the word.  Check out the press release or go directly to Monitor’s report.