Good English

Parlez-vous Américain? 

Maybe you studied English in the US or the UK a little while – or you’re just an avid fan of American music or movies. Your English is okay, but you wish it were better. When you write, you know you’re making mistakes, but don’t have the time to research it or figure out the right way. And who has time to take classes?  You’ve got a business to run, projects to complete, and sometimes, all you need is just a little English fix.

Sometimes you need something more than just a translator or a native English speaker. You need someone who will understand your challenge and help you form just the right presentation of it and the solutions you’re offering.

Whether it’s communicating with international customers, employees or other stakeholders, getting your message just right in English ensures your and your company’s credibility.

However large or small the task, we can be your English language partners – ushering you to just the right, good English. We’re not just native speakers and translators, we are communications professionals with experience in complex and technical industries and businesses operating around the world. We know what it takes to get a business project or initiative right from start to finish – especially when moving into English is part of the equation.

Think of us as your English-language superheroes – swooping in when you call for a little fix, a bigger boost or major overhaul of your English language work, of any kind.

How it works:

Good English-fixing comes in all shapes and sizes. We can rework a simple document, create an English version of your website, train your teams, or facilitate an international client meeting. If you have an initiative or need of significant scale, we would like to talk to you about it in detail. If you need just a quick fix for a document or small project, you can simply submit it to us for editing.

Contact us and we’ll be in touch quickly.  Feel free to submit the work you need help with, if you like, and that will help us provide you with an estimate and get started in superhero speed.

Let’s get started!

A word on confidentiality:

The success of our business depends on our adherence to the strictest confidentiality. Not a single bit of content or information we work on is ever shared beyond the Marvell SC consultant(s) working on your project and you. We are pleased to sign any non disclosure agreements (NDA) you may prefer, as well. You can submit your NDA request to